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[On Demand] Colorado Paid Sick & Safe Time

[On Demand] Colorado Paid Sick & Safe Time

Tina Todd

President and Co-founder of simplyHR

Tina Todd, PHR-CA, SHRM-CP is a trainer, consultant, and co-founder of simplyHR and Define the Line. Her work has ranged from non-profit organizations to large corporations as an HR generalist to advisor and consultant. As a trainer and speaker, she has helped individuals and teams understand what it means to speak up and define the line for themselves and others. The Define the Line team’s work has been featured in media outlets such as NPR, SHRM, HR Dive, HR Bartender, and Workforce Magazine.  


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Bonnie Johnson

Bonnie Johnson


Financial Consultant

I am a co-owner of a consulting company my husband and I founded when we left the corporate world but still wanted to offer our skills for hire on a part-time basis or in short-term engagements.

Since I have always been the numbers person, organizer, and planner in our family, I joined the American Association of Daily Money Managers. I coach people to better understand their personal or small business financial picture. For individuals, we work together so they feel confident that their spending and saving habits are on track. For solo business owners, I organize and consolidate their business transactions so we can take a look at profit and loss trends and forecast cash flow.

I have a background in software development with a startup computer company, and I haven’t lost my love of the latest and greatest technology. For over 20 years I’ve used Quicken, Quickbooks, and Excel to keep track of money and prepare financial statements, graphs, and budgets. I am excited to see and experiment with the many easy-to-use financial apps, web interfaces, and integrations of point-of-sale systems with bookkeeping, scheduling, payroll, and the list goes on!

Whether you are a numbers person or not, I enjoy learning about your unique businesses and helping you get financial information organized and at your fingertips for easy tax preparation, clear decision making, and peace of mind.

Consulting Expertise Includes:

Kay Allison



Bookkeeping & Accounting

Victoria Kay Allison (Kay) is the co-owner of True North Business Solutions, LLC. Her passion is translating big business concepts and key financial data into simple, practical presentations that small business owners can understand and utilize to make huge shifts in business results. The focus of the business is on data collection, AKA bookkeeping, accountability, AKA accounting, and advising & consulting services, AKA coaching.

Victoria has a B.S., degree from UNC – Greeley in business management and has studied a master’s program in accounting at the University of Illinois. She has also volunteered her time with the Loveland Volunteer Income Tax Association (VITA). Her most important learning has come from being an entrepreneur of several businesses, Victoria has earned two black belts: one in success and the other in failure. As the former controller of a van upfitter, Victoria had the opportunity to learn the overall aspect of business operations.

In her spare time, Victoria is an avid reader and mostly enjoys non-fiction especially business books. As a former professional interior builder of renovated Airstreams, Victoria loves all things DIY including home and mobile spaces as well as furniture flips. She currently helps take care of her high-functioning autistic granddaughter.

Consulting Expertise Includes:

If you’ve never met with a Larimer SBDC consultant. 

[Webinar] Buying or Selling a Business: The 9 Stages for All Transactions

[Webinar] Buying or Selling a Business: The 9 Stages for All Transactions

Both buyers and sellers will benefit from understanding what lies ahead in the transaction of a business.  While each sale has its unique twists and turns, most transactions will follow a similar 9 stage path, from initial exploration to final closing. This program will identify and outline those 9 stages for both buyer and seller to provide an understanding of, and confidence in, the upcoming experience. 

While buyers and sellers have very different needs which must be aligned, the more that they share in an understanding of the process, the greater the chance for success in closing the transaction. To that end, the 9 steps of a business sale that we will cover are:

1. Initial Exploration
2. Listing & Market Prep
3. In the Market
4. Initial Due Diligence & Qualify
5. Receiving / Managing Offers
6. Extended Due Diligence
7. Purchase Agreement
8. Closing the Transaction
9. Post Closing

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