Month: May 2022

Small Business Week 2022 | Cheers for Peers

Cheers for Peers

Small Business Week 2022

In honor of Small Business Week, we recognized many businesses throughout Larimer County as part of our Cheers for Peers Appreciation campaign!

During this campaign we asked for nominations of favorite businesses in Larimer County and we received an outpouring votes. Below is a listing of those who were chosen. 

Timnath Beerwerks

Julianne Curtis – Birth and Bereavement Doula Services

Elements of Touch Wellness Spa & River Retreat

Neuhaus Real Estate Inc Office

Salted Grace

Nuance Chocolate

Pig & Plow Pub & Grub

Inkwell & Brew

Berthoud Brewing Company

Sparge Brewing

Congratulations to each of them and to all the small business nominated!!! 🎉

Bare Minimum Digital Marketing

Bare Minimum Digital Marketing

Contrary to popular opinion, your business does not HAVE to be on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, have an email list AND a YouTube channel. But how do you evaluate where you should be? Jump in with Loveland Business Development Center Program Director, Kat Hart, as we explore:

  • How do I determine which platforms my business should be on?
  • What are the ways I can streamline my digital marketing to get my message out while not driving myself crazy?
  • What are best practices I should implement for my digital marketing?
  • Where can I find resources to figure out where my customers are online?

Digital marketing can easily get overwhelming – let’s tackle what it means for your business and formulate an actionable plan!

Kat Hart

LBDC Program Director
Kat Hart brings a wealth of experience to her role as Program Director, including 8 years as a local business owner. Through Silver Rose Retro, she created custom dresses with a vintage flair, did bridal alterations, and worked directly with her customers to bring their sewn creations to life. Kat has a strong operation and marketing track record having worked in the marketing and leadership positions in a variety of organizations, including the Larimer SBDC. Most recently she held the title of Digital Marketing Manager for International Sports Management in Portland, OR, harnessing their existing data to drive sales leads in program that she built from the ground up. She is a proud Colorado native, raised in the NOCO community with a family history of community impact. She received her Bachelor of Science from Regis University, majoring in Business Administration. In addition to her strong professional background, she is an enthusiastic self-described geek and loves all things sci-fi, gaming, technology, and planning new adventures.

[Webinar] Buying or Selling a Business: Offers, Contracts and Closing

[Webinar] Buying or Selling a Business: Offers, Contracts and Closing

In our foundational overview seminar, The 9 Stages of Buying or Selling A Business,  we cover all stages of buying or selling a business from start to finish so that the participants can gain a clear sense of what to expect as they move through the buying and selling process. 

In this 90 minute virtual seminar we focus specifically on the 3 components of the sale that require both parties to enter into agreements, and what those agreements must cover. 

Beginning with how and why to make an offer on a business, the program moves on to entering into a formal purchase contract, and then finally to what goes on at the closing table. 

As always, these seminars are designed for both buyers and sellers, we believe it is important that both sides of a transaction are as knowledgeable and prepared as possible.

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