Month: June 2022

Planning: Learn what to do before you write anything

Planning: Learn what to do before you write anything

You probably write a lot, emails, text messages, and reports, in order to do the work of your business. Despite all this writing, chances are that you probably haven’t been trained as a writer.

You don’t have to be a professional writer to do your job, BUT you can use strategies professional writers use to make your job easier.

This class will teach you a 7-question process–developed through research on how professional writers plan, neuroscience, and effective outcomes–so that you can write anything faster and better.

Jenny Morse

Appendance, Inc
Jenny helps professionals develop their confidence and credibility as business writers through her company Appendance, Inc, which offers corporate seminars and online courses. She was a finalist in the 2020 PitchNoCo competition for her Better Business Writing Pro course, which won the 2021 Excellence in Communication Consulting award from the Association for Business Communication. Always focused on achieving big goals, she’s designed her own personal marathon; ghostwritten for CEOs; published poems, articles, and a monthly blog; and successfully managed to feed an orchid two ice cubes a week since 2020. Jenny loves that she is living her childhood dream of getting paid to read since she gets to help others understand the rules and reasons of language in whatever context might be needed. Her career in writing and teaching has led her through three degrees, all fifty states, and five continents–and she looks forward to seeing where it might take her next.

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Tom Galey

Tom Galey



International Business Relationships

Tom Galey has been involved in a wide variety of business ventures and teaching for decades. With an undergraduate degree in Economics from University of Colorado, Tom moved to Taiwan in the mid-1980s. There he studied Mandarin and soon ran the Asia buying office for a large Canadian toy store chain. He spent time working in market consulting for several Chinese firms, later working for a Chinese hydraulics manufacturer.

In the 1990s, after over 6 years in China, Tom Moved to the US territory of Guam and began working with Exxon. Tom ran downstream operations and was marketing director for the retail chain.

Tom was later hired by Anheuser-Busch and was named Marketing Director for Micronesia for Budweiser brands. He developed an international advertising specialty division for AB that was subsequently used globally.

In 2000 Tom moved back to Colorado and started his own business in Promotional Products. In 2005 he moved into product development consulting for Asia-made consumer items. He started a consulting firm that still operates today assisting production globally. is active today as he assists firms expand.

With a master’s degree in Business Administration and International Relations, Tom has helped major US and European firms launch production of new product lines. In all, he’s assisted in the development of between 300 and 400 new products in Asia.

Tom has been teaching at Front Range for over 13 years in Intro to Business, Economics (Micro and Macro) Business Law, Marketing, International Business and International Marketing.

Tom lives Gunbarrel with his wife, and their 21-year-old son, Ty is currently attending CU. Tom’s book was published in 2013; Making the China Connection – Understanding Business Culture to Create Great, Sustainable Relationships. It’s available on Amazon and is published by SinoMedia in San Francisco, California.


Consulting Expertise Includes:

If you’ve never met with a Larimer SBDC consultant. 

Peter Bostwick

Peter Boswick




Technical and Operations executive with experience starting, running, and selling software companies. Experience coaching and mentoring future business leaders as they explore the market and understand how they can add value to their new customers.

Consulting Expertise Includes:

If you’ve never met with a Larimer SBDC consultant. 

Employee Ownership Programs – Part A

Employee Ownership Programs – 2-part session Part A

Many companies have enjoyed immense benefits from creating opportunities for employees to own equity in the business.

These include:
1.  Ability to recruit and retain the best employees
2.  Creates common goals and high motivation across the company
3.  More innovativeness, better customer service, enhanced employee engagement and accountability
4.  In all, greatly improved competitiveness.
5.  Greater wealth creation
6.  Smoother transition to a founder’s retirement

The first segment is a three-hour class which will provide an introduction to several ways employee ownership programs can be established, depending on the founder’s or current owner’s goals. It will prepare company founders and current owners to decide if employee ownership is right for your company. It will give you an overview of how to go about making this happen successfully.

The second segment of the workshop is a four-hour class intended for founders and current owners of companies who have attended Part A – Introduction and Overview and are ready to introduce some form of employee ownership. We will walk through a step-by-step approach to making critical choices, preparing the necessary documentation, and then implementing and operating a successful employee ownership program at your company.

This will allow participants to begin this process right away with a clear understanding of their options and the path to move forward.

In Part A you will learn:

     – The benefits that companies have derived from employee ownership and whether these might apply in your company.
     – How founders and current owners can maintain a significant amount of control that over how employee ownership programs will work.
     – How typical employee ownership programs have been set up and how they really operate in practice.
     – How elements of these programs differ somewhat based on whether your company is an LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp or another form.
      – Common concerns owners may have with regard to employee ownership and ways to minimize risks and maximize benefits.
     – Some special types of employee-owned companies which have been established by law and which you might want to consider.

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Don’t Forget You, Maintaining Health and Wellbeing for Business Owners

Don’t Forget You, Maintaining Health and Wellbeing for Business Owners

As a business owner it is easy to put your needs on the backburner, allowing stress and overwhelm to build up, negatively impacting your mental and physical health.

Join National-Board Certified Health and Wellness coach Julie Gold in this 90-minute workshop to learn tools and techniques to identify your health and wellbeing goals, creating a balance to honor your mental and physical heath and develop an action plan to make it happen.

Choose to invest in yourself, so that you can continue to invest in your business.

Julie Gold

Aurelia Wellness, LLC
As a coach, I approach every client as an individual with unique strengths and challenges. I operate from a client-centric, strengths-based approach to coaching. I focus on identifying their unmet needs and helping them to notice and understand them. Using that new awareness and perspective I coach my clients to identify and implement lifestyle and behavior changes that will support their goals. I have a strong focus on goal setting and mindset, and how to leverage each to uncover a client’s full potential. I am passionate about equipping my clients with new skills, tools, and resources so that they can use them now and in the future. I strive to bring compassion, empathy, and humor to every session, because building rapport with my clients is very important to me, since it is essential for our success.

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