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Buying or Selling a Business - 3 part series

Larimer SBDC training series are designed to give you topic-specific content from a variety of our Instructors over the course of a few weeks. Each month we focus on one or two business topics to delve into. Classes will vary between a live, virtual event or an On-demand recording. Location of in person workshops are listed below.

You can sign up for the workshops individually ($15 each) or together for a discounted price of $35

These sessions are presented by the team at: Front Range Business, Inc.

Topics being covered in this series will include:

The 9 Stages for All Transactions – This program will identify and outline those 9 stages for both buyer and seller to provide an understanding of, and confidence in, the upcoming experience.

While buyers and sellers have very different needs which must be aligned, the more that they share in an understanding of the process, the greater the chance for success in closing the transaction. To that end, the 9 steps of a business sale that we will cover are:

  • Initial Exploration
  • Listing & Market Prep
  • In the Market
  • Initial Due Diligence & Qualify
  • Receiving / Managing Offers
  • Extended Due Diligence
  • Purchase Agreement
  • Closing the Transaction
  • Post Closing

Understanding Business Valuation – In this 90 minute virtual seminar we focus specifically on how to determine what the value of a business is.

Designed to educate both buyers and sellers, we will focus on the best practice methodologies that are most commonly used in small business sales (under $10 million).

In addition, we will look at how SBA lenders will evaluate a deal since their participation is almost always required for a successful transaction.

Offers, Contracts and Closing – In this 90 minute virtual seminar we focus specifically on the 3 components of the sale that require both parties to enter into agreements, and what those agreements must cover.

Beginning with how and why to make an offer on a business, the program moves on to entering into a formal purchase contract, and then finally to what goes on at the closing table.

As always, these seminars are designed for both buyers and sellers, we believe it is important that both sides of a transaction are as knowledgeable and prepared as possible.

For the discounted price of $30 you will receive:

1 registration for Buying or Selling a Business: The 9 Stages for All Transactions 8/1/24 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM

1 registration for Buying or Selling a Business: Understanding Business Valuation 8/8/24 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM

1 registration for Buying or Selling a Business: Offers, Contracts and Closing 8/15/24 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM

All sessions will be held virtually.

If you are unable to attend all workshops you can sign up for them individually below.

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