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CLIENT RIGHTS and RESPONSIBILITIES As a client of the Colorado Small Business Development Center Network (CSBDC), an accredited network by America\’s Small Business Development Centers (ASBDC), we\’d like to advise you of certain rights and responsibilities you have as one of our clients.

You have a right to expect:

    • Prompt, courteous, and professional counseling services and to be advised if the CSBDC is unable to provide services within the time frame required. Be aware that due to the demand for our services, cases must often be prioritized by need and training may be recommended before consulting is provided.
    • All information shared with the CSBDC and any of its resources (staff, faculty, volunteers, and consultants) will be held in strict confidence. Information provided by you will not be used to the advantage of any staff member, consultant, other resource of the CSBDC or any third party.
    • Your client status with the CSBDC will remain confidential. No public use of your name, business name, address or phone number will be made without your prior written approval. Please note, however, the CSBDC is partially funded by the US Small Business Administration and a limited amount of information with respect to your client status – name, address, nature and scope of services – is provided to that agency.

Our role is to consult and assist small business owners and those planning to go into business. We will not make business decisions or judgements for you, though we will make recommendations and suggestions as appropriate. These will be based upon our best efforts to apply the experience and resources available, in order to assist you in making your own business decisions.

The CSBDC may charge reasonable fees for training programs, special services and publications; however, you have a right to feel secure that the CSBDC or its resources for normal consulting services will charge no fee. No fees may be paid to or accepted for consulting services. Also, no recommendations will be made as to the purchase of goods or services from any specific individual or firm with whom any CSBDC staff member or its resources have any financial, familial or personal interest.

The consulting services provided to you by the CSBDC are part of the effort of the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT) to respond to the growing needs of the small business community. They are not intended to compete with, replace or be a substitute for services available from the private sector. Clients whose needs can be fully met by private sector practitioners or firms in an affordable manner will be encouraged to use those resources.

In consideration of the CSBDC furnishing you with management and technical assistance, you agree to waive all claims against the CSBDC and its constituent institutions, its staff and any other resources employed by or used in connection with these services. You will be expected to cooperate with the CSBDC in its efforts to assure quality and effectiveness of consulting services which it provides.

In this respect, the CSBDC will ask all clients who received consulting assistance or attended training programs to complete an evaluation of services provided. In addition, all clients who receive two or more hours of consulting assistance may be asked to complete a brief \”impact\” assessment within one year following the close of a case file. Finally, clients may receive direct inquires from this office, the state director\’s office, the US Small Business Administration, or third party evaluators contracted by the CSBDC with respect to the services provided to you. Your response to all these inquiries will be greatly appreciated.

The CSBDC and the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) request your permission to share the success you receive through assistance of the SBDC/SBA. Your information may be used in articles, public service announcements, education, speeches, social media, blogs, etc. In addition, commercial or personal financial information obtained the CSBDC Network can be disclosed to prospective lenders for your business on your behalf at your request. The agreement to this is voluntary.

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