"Cash Is King"
Tactics to Conserve Cash and Stay Afloat

Message from Mike O'Connell, Senior Director at the Larimer SBDC

Cash is vital in this very challenging environment.  Larimer SBDC Director Mike O’Connell talks about ways to proactively optimize your cash flow and delay/reduce expenses, in order to conserve your cash.

Keeping Your Business Together in a Crisis: Financial Health

The Colorado SBDC provides tips on how to keep the financial health of your business during the COVID-19 crises.


A Message for Starip CEO's During Pandemic

If you are a startup CEO, or work for a startup – these are challenging times. The world as you know it is on hiatus, and uncertainty reigns. I would like to share some wise advice from my friend and fellow board member at the Angel Capital Association, Pat LaPointe from Frontier Angels in Bozeman, MT. This is advice that I hope every startup CEO in our community takes to heart.

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