Survey for Consulting Processes

Survey for Consulting Processes -  Please reply by Wednesday, June 23rd

Dear LSBDC Consultants,
We’ve been consulting in a 100% virtual mode for about 14 months. As in-person interactions open up, we want to understand your preferences about returning to some amount of in-person consulting.
Our general belief at this time is that we’ll need to be flexible, and offer both in-person and virtual choices; we don’t envision staying at 100% virtual, nor going back to 100% in-person.
Your responses will help form how we approach our existing and potential new clients.
Please check the box that best reflects your preference:
Please use this space for additional comments.
Please check the box that best reflects your consulting effectiveness between virtual and in-person.
Please use this space for additional comments.
Our clients normally average over 4.0 consulting sessions per year. Last year, this dropped to 2.5 sessions. While some of this was due to one-time PPP loan / EIDL consults, we also want to make sure we’re adding value and giving clients solid reasons to regularly schedule appointments. What do you think we should do to improve the client / consultant relationship?
What do you feel are the 3 major strengths of our organization?
What do you feel are the 3 major weaknesses of our organization?
Thank you for your time to provide us your thoughts and observations! Your input is important!
Please send us your responses by Wednesday, June 23rd.
Regards, LSBDC team
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Fake or Scam Mailings

Samantha Peaslee

Samantha Peaslee

Polaris Law Group

Fake or Scam Mailings

Starting a business puts you and your business into the public domain. Your address and information now live online (as a requirement), as do other pieces of information such as when you need to renew with the Colorado Secretary of State, whether you have employees, and whether you have a trademark.

As a result of this required information being public, unsavory companies will have access to your information. These companies send out notices to public companies that have obligations with these public entities. They attempt to have companies pay for services that are either free or low cost.

Take, for example, your periodic report.

Your actual periodic report needs to be filed with the Colorado Secretary of State via its website every year. You receive a notice for it about three months before its final due date. It costs $10.00 to file online. The e-notice comes from the Colorado Secretary of State (e-mail suffix @sos.state.co.us). It has a header that includes the Secretary of State’s name and the website (www.sos.state.co.us). It will inform you that this is an automatically generated email at the bottom, with a contact e-mail address with a suffix @sos.state.co.us.

A scam notice or instruction will be by mail, most often. It will be titled something along the lines of “DATE – Periodic Report Instruction Form”. It will include a processing fee along with the $10 fee. It will request for checks payable to a non-state address (for example, “Workplace Compliance Services”). It may have space for a credit card form. Sometimes, they will have scary wording as well, such as informing you that  you will be shut down.

If ever in doubt about a notice from the Secretary of State, Colorado Division of Labor, or United States Patent and Trademark Office, send it to your attorney or bring it to the SBDC. We can tell you if it is official or a scam.

Adam Shake

Adam Shake

Estes Park EDC President/CEO


Adam Shake served nearly 15 years in the U.S. Army serving in Desert Storm, Desert Shield, CONUS, Panama, Somalia, Bosnia and Europe. He then served as the Department of Homeland Security Transportation Security Agency Program Director after 9/11 before starting an Environmental News Agency. After arriving in Estes Park, Shake founded Neanderthal Productions, an Internet marketing company. Since his arrival in Estes Park, Shake has served on the boards of Visit Estes Park, Estes Valley Partners for Commerce and the Rocky Mountain Performing Arts Center as well as volunteering for many other community initiatives. 

If you’ve never met with a Larimer SBDC consultant. 

Please provide a 24-hour notice of cancellation if you are unable to make this appointment. Although we understand that emergencies arise, cancellations made within 24 hours of the appointment will count as 1 hour of the consultant’s time. As well, our normal cancellation policy applies: cancellations made less than 24 hours of the appointment may result in a requirement to attend a class before you can reschedule an appointment.

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