EARLY CHILDHOOD: Home Provider Business Training Program

In this series, we will dive into the issues that most frequently trip up entrepreneurs: how do I create a budget and price my product/services? How do I market my business without being too “slick”? How to handle “no” and not take it personally? How to say “no” in order to maintain your business structure?  How to hold to policies/procedures with consistency and rigor – in effect, building the resilience, stamina, and mindset to grow your provider business. 

Who is it for?

Home providers already in business, or thinking of starting a business, in Larimer County. 

Who are the project partners?

Partners in the training are Early Childhood Council Larimer County (ECCLC), Larimer SBDC, and SBDC consultants.


October 6 – November 17th from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm for six sessions, (the week of October 13th will be canceled due to NOCO Women’s conference).  




Upon completion of the class, providers will have the opportunity to produce one tangible “takeaway” – a website home page, social media posts, budget/financial plan, email marketing campaign – they will make the decision as to what will most benefit their business NOW.  


We will ask providers to commit to a minimum of three hours of 1:1 consulting with an SBDC consultant, to be completed within three months of completion of the program.  

One session with a SBDC consultant is required during the 6 weeks of classes.      


As part of the SBDC process, participants will register as clients of the SBDC. We will collect business information (start date, structure, revenues, FTE, etc.). This will give us the baseline information required for our SBA grant. However, there may be other information we would want to gather so that we can measure outcomes.