How to Deal with Difficult Customers

Do you ever have to deal with difficult customers? Are your staff trained to handle things when you’re not around? Join us for this 2-hour seminar where you’ll get expert advice in de-escalation, just in time for the Holiday Season.

In the first half of the class, participants learn about different types of difficult or hostile individuals as well as methods of observation and physical positioning.

Attendees also learn multiple theories, techniques, and phrases used to effectively de-escalate verbal confrontations.

In the second half of the class, attendees discuss multiple scenarios that replicate typical difficult customer situations.

Chad Olms is the owner and lead consultant for Arx Security Consulting, and is based in Northern Colorado. Mr. Olms has 24 years of experience working for five different federal law enforcement, intelligence, and security agencies, serving as a Regional Security Director, Training Program Manager, a Special Agent for the U.S. Secret Service, an Investigator for the Department of Defense, and an Investigator for the Department of Justice.

Mr. Olms has served as the Lead Training Instructor for several federal agencies, and has taught Active Shooter Preparedness, Active Shooter Response, Situational Awareness, De-escalation Techniques, Terrorism/Travel Safety, and Basic Defensive Tactics to over 5000 individuals in the past 12 years.

Chad Olms

Owner, Arx Security Consulting

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The registration form asks pertinent information on your business and will take 2-3 minutes to complete. Since we are a federally funded program and offer this conference at a reduced rate, we ask these business and demographic questions so we can continue to offer you this conference at a subsidized cost. If you have any issues with registering or receiving a confirmation code, please email or call 970-204-8600.

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