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Larry Dolgin


Transportation / Services B2B Consultant

Larry Dolgin hails from the Chicago metro area and graduated from CSU in 1991. His career began in sales but after marrying his wife Gidge, he quickly became an entrepreneur of a one-man courier company in Fort Collins, CO called The Feet.

He grew the courier company over the next 22 years before taking on investors and transitioning into a business development role until his exit in 2018.  Throughout his career Dolgin has become expert in team building and small business planning and execution.

He has learned much through both listening and doing; and has developed a real passion for working with other small business owners on issues that they encounter. Larry and Gidge have two grown kids who are their pride and joy…for reals.

Dolgin is the Facilitator of a Thinkers chapter and the Next Level chapter of LoCo ThinkTank peer advisory groups where he works with businesses with revenue ranging from $500,000 – $50,000,000 in annual revenue.”

Consulting Expertise Includes: