Listening is hard: Become an effective listener to help your customers, partners, and employees feel heard.

Listening can be challenging since we often want to present our own ideas, but listening is an important part of communication. Because we are also the recipients of others’ ideas, developing listening skills can help us establish credibility with our colleagues, demonstrate empathy, avert difficult situations and conversations, overcome obstacles, and generally help us be better leaders.

This class will provide you strategies for effective listening at work and opportunities to practice each of these strategies in context so you feel comfortable applying these strategies in new situations. Specifically, we’ll review ways you can become a better listener, including non-verbal communication, mimicry/mirroring, reflecting, and asking questions. 

Jenny Morse

Appendance, Inc
Jenny helps professionals develop their confidence and credibility as business writers through her company Appendance, Inc, which offers corporate seminars and online courses. She was a finalist in the 2020 PitchNoCo competition for her Better Business Writing Pro course, which won the 2021 Excellence in Communication Consulting award from the Association for Business Communication. Always focused on achieving big goals, she’s designed her own personal marathon; ghostwritten for CEOs; published poems, articles, and a monthly blog; and successfully managed to feed an orchid two ice cubes a week since 2020. Jenny loves that she is living her childhood dream of getting paid to read since she gets to help others understand the rules and reasons of language in whatever context might be needed. Her career in writing and teaching has led her through three degrees, all fifty states, and five continents–and she looks forward to seeing where it might take her next.

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