Peggy Lyle receives the Consultant of the Year Award from Mike O’Connell, Larimer SBDC Director
Peggy Lyle was presented with the award for 2017 Consultant of the Year for the Larimer SBDC at an Innosphere event held in December.  She is the director of Downtown Fort Collins Creative District and is heavily involved with ArtUpWeek, which is a part of 2018 StartUpWeek Fort Collins.  Peggy started as an SBDC consultant about 1½ years ago as a creative consultant and she has been a huge asset to the SBDC and the creative clients she works with since that time.
The terminology used in the business world does not always resonate with creative entrepreneurs.  Peggy translates business strategy into language and actionable items the creative business owners can successfully implement.  She is especially good with helping creatives with their branding, marketing and promotion of their business.  Peggy is an adventurer, a connector and an idea creator.  And this essence of who Peggy is, engages her with her creative clients making a lasting impact.
In addition to the one-on-one consulting, Peggy is also our creative champion for helping organize, promote and implement our industry specific events for the creative community. She describes herself as passionate and energized to work on projects that benefit the larger community.
With her great energy, passion and dedication, there is no doubt that we will successfully and easily have several great, well-attended creative events in 2018. Thank you, Peggy, for who you are and everything you do!

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