Podcasting For Your Business

The bar to entry for podcasting has gotten significantly lower in the past few years, and more people are bringing their interests and expertise to earbuds worldwide. Even with the surge in popularity, podcasting is still gaining new listeners, and the overall audience continues to grow. If you’ve been thinking about starting a podcast, this class will help you know the essentials you’ll need to start and give you some clear ideas about what kinds of opportunities there are for you and your business in podcasting. We’ll also learn how video is being integrated into the mix and all the ways podcast content can be repurposed for use in other media.

Franklin Taggart has hosted four different podcasts since starting his first in 2008. His most recent podcast is called Your Own Best Company – A Podcast for People Who Love to Work Alone. The show is a hybrid of video and audio that features one weekly long-form interview along with six daily Virtual Coffee Breaks every other day of the week. He’s a business coach for solopreneurs, freelancers, and artistic creators who never dreamed of being business owners. He’s also been a Larimer SBDC/LBDC Consultant since 2018.

Franklin is an experienced podcast creator and producer.

Franklin Taggart

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