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SlapStep Studios

SlapStep Studios is an adult-focused dance fitness studio designed to give adults an outlet that they can express themselves through various dance and exercise forms. 

The studio offers busy adults a way to dance at a time and place that is convenient for them by offering in-person, online and on-demand classes. Founded by Jackaline Rutter, who grew up dancing and as an adult found it hard to find a place to dance where she wasn’t dancing with younger dancers looking to compete at the next competition or prepare for their next recital. She wanted a place that was meant for adults and a time to dance that wasn’t super late at night because that’s all the studio had available after the kids left and a place that felt like you were with ‘your tribe’ with ‘your people’. 

Regarding recent challenges, the biggest challenge has been just getting all of the needed items in place to run a business, from legal and HR assistance to marketing and budgeting challenges. It’s hard to know everything that is needed and what exactly you should and shouldn’t do as a business. Everyone wants to go into it the right way with the right intentions and all the right steps, but without experience that’s extremely hard to do. 


The SBDC has been truly amazing. My direct mentor, Roger Funke has helped guide me along the way with each of the questions I’ve thrown his way. If he didn’t know how to guide me with something he recommended I connect with another consultant. I’ve had several meetings regarding a huge range of topics including my business plan and budgeting. I was shown a variety of marketing research tools to help ensure my business had a market in this area. I was guided by an HR consultant on how best to handle my contractors to ensure I didn’t put my business in a bind. I met with a lawyer to help draft some legal waivers and provide guidance on city requirements. I’ve met with three consultants on building marketing strategy and how best to use a variety of tools to help my business grow using social media and web marketing techniques. 

The guidance I’ve been given along the way has been beneficial to my business but also for me as an individual. When I meet with Roger, I feel driven to make my dreams a success. When I’m struggling with something, we work together to try and figure out how to accomplish the task. We’ve worked through a lot of challenges and emotional ups and downs. I truly feel that I have someone supporting me and rooting me on along the way. It’s been the best support an up-and-coming business could ask for.


My business has been a success right out of the gate, given the support I’ve received from the SBDC and the Business Navigator Program. The marketing tool from the Harmony Library was key in helping ensure individuals in my area could afford to take classes. I’ve put together a business plan, which I would not have done if it wasn’t for the help of my mentor and multiple consultants. I think everyone thinks they will be successful, but your business plan can help show you that you are on target and meeting your goals along the way. 

The studio is exceeding the goals set and is able to really analyze what is working, what’s not working and pivot when needed. I was given several budgeting tools to help me analyze what success may look like and how to budget for the unexpected. When my marketing was struggling, I was able to meet with my mentor and talk about what might have made one ad more successful than another. We were able to tweak the marketing to hopefully target my market with a stronger call to action. I’ve been able to grow with the SBDC and really get behind my business not just with my heart and goals but with actual data and facts that help to show the potential for success. The tools, classes and networking that has been available to me has been extremely valuable.


Equine Veterinary Services

Stephanie Brault’s passion is working with horses. Providing them with the highest quality veterinary care has been her profession since 1988. After more than 10 years of working in academic veterinary medicine at the University of California Davis and most recently at Colorado State University, Stephanie purchased a private veterinary business in July of this year. While Stephanie is an expert in the field of veterinary medicine, she had no business experience prior to purchasing

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The Magic Bus Tours

Fort Collins has an amazing amount of things to see and do. No business, however, had offered a service as fun and forward thinking as Magic Bus Tours to create a unique and educational experience around the local activities. “When I first started visiting Fort Collins, I loved learning about the local history, lifestyles and culture, but I couldn’t find another bus-tour service in town,” said Michael Murphy, founder and visionary behind Magic Bus Tours.

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Beau & Belle Littles

The true measure of a successful product is: Does it solve a customer problem? As new, active parents, Paul and Rachelle Baron faced a common problem when trying to take their little one swimming. They wanted a high quality, reusable swim diaper that handled solid waste well, but there was nothing on the market that met their standards. “The problems we saw were that disposables were not good quality, didn’t contain solid waste well, and

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Blue Pine Construction

Blue Pine Construction is based in Wellington, and run by the husband and wife team of Mike and Lorilyn Bockelman. Their company does home  construction/remodeling, and a variety of outdoor “decking” projects, throughout Northern Colorado. Mike’s construction background, combined with Lorilyn’s retail management experience, makes for a productive combination. They have grown the business significantly over the last few years. Blue Pine Construction now has 10 full time employees, including a new production manager. Mike is a Air

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Little Bird Bakeshop

The Little Bird Bakeshop opened its doors on December 14, 2010 and since then has developed a loyal following. On any given morning, a passerby wandering through Old Town Square in Fort Collins can peer through the bakeshop’s inviting façade and watch customers sipping coffee and enjoying delicious chocolate croissants, chocolate walnut cookies, and other pastries. With its friendly atmosphere and fresh, creative confections, it will take only a glance before you walk through the

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CopperMuse Distillery

When Jason Hevelone of Fort Collins hit a career crossroads, he figured he’d open a brewery, but then he tasted his first craft distilled spirit at a Denver distillery. “It’s so much more flavorful and nuanced,” Hevelone said. Hevelone, a longtime engineer, talked to his wife, Heather Trantham, also an engineer, then quit his career and opened Fort Collins’ second distillery—the first, Feisty Spirits Distillery, will close in July. He spent two years planning and

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