With the closure of local restaurant dine-in options, it’s more important than ever to utilize delivery services to help these businesses stay afloat, as well as the drivers who are often contract employees. If you’re doing your part and social distancing, there are still ways that you can support the local economy that provides our community with so much flavor! Many of the largest delivery services are stepping up to help people stay safe and support our local economy in big ways. Check below for information whether you are a business, consumer, or driver.

For Businesses:

DoorDash: Zero commissions for 30 days on deliveries – no merchant will be asked to pay anything back, for both new and existing customers. There is also an additional $20 million earmarked for marketing programs to generate additional revenue for existing DoorDash restaurants.

Uber Eats: All fees are currently waived, and same-day payouts are available for any existing Uber Eats restaurant who requests it to assist with cash flow uncertainty.

NoCo Nosh: More businesses are signing up for the local service, but no info on if they’re waiving fees.

Temporarily suspending the collection of commissions from restaurants, and also supporting immediate and ongoing cash flow relief to qualified restaurants.

Postmates: A
pilot exists for waiving commission fees in the SF-Bay Area, but no word on if the program has been expanded in light of new dine-in restrictions nationwide.

For Consumers:

DoorDash: Drivers have switched to a no-contact method of delivery between Dashers and customers as the default option. They’ll leave your food right at the door and send you a text to confirm.

Uber Eats: You can request for your order to be left at the door rather than having contact with the driver.

NoCo Nosh:
Offering no-contact delivery since Friday.

Grubhub: They created a “Donate the Change” charitable program to support restaurants and drivers affected by the COVID-19 crisis. Round up on your order to help!

Postmates: No-contact delivers to allow for distance between customers and Postmates.

For Contract Employees/Drivers:

Drivers who are sick or recovering may be eligible for 14 days of financial assistance from the company, and they are shipping gloves and hand sanitizer to Dashers and Caviar couriers.

Uber Eats:
Drivers have been asked to self-isolate if they’ve been diagnosed with  COVID-19 and will receive 14 days of financial assistance while their accounts are on hold. They are also protecting the Uber Pro status of their qualifying drivers and have assistance available if you rent a vehicle to drive.

NoCo Nosh:
Providing drivers with hand sanitizer and gloves for their 80 drivers.

“Donate the Change” can help with financial hardship due to the current crisis.

“Postmates Fleet Relief Fund” helps to cover the costs of co-pays and medical expenses related to COVID-19, regardless of diagnoses, plus an additional 2 weeks of paid sick leave.

Take the time to try someplace new from the comfort of your own home as we adapt!


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Written by Kat Rico with the Loveland Business Development Center

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