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[Webinar] 3 Ways Financial Information Can Make Your Business Thrive

Do you want to run your business better and smarter? If you know what to look for in your financial statements, you can do just that! This course will improve your capability to read financial statements (primarily  Balance Sheet and Income Statement). It is intended for small business owners and their bookkeepers who want to gain new or additional insights into their business financial performance. The focus of the class includes:

  • Understanding the importance of cash flow management
  • Good cash flow practices
  • How to read your balance sheet
  • Variable versus fixed cost analysis, and the implications for your business
  • How to read your income statement, and use it to improve your business
  • The importance of gross margin percentage
  • Analyzing trends in your business
  • General introduction to financial ratios for your industry

Pavel Verbsky

Pavel Verbsky was born abroad in the Czech Republic. In 2002, he graduated from the University of Economics in Prague with a master in finance and accounting. He has worked in accounting since 2003 when he moved to the USA. In 2005, he joined Rickards, Long & Rulon, LLP in Fort Collins. He enjoys working with business owners, helping them understand how to use accounting information efficiently. Pavel began volunteering for the Larimer SBDC in 2009. His focus is business valuations – helping potential buyers or sellers assess the value of a business.
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