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No-Cost Consulting

Financial Clarity For Operational Excellence


Ever wondered if you have too much inventory, or not enough?  If you’re getting aid in a “reasonable” time , or if your customers are using you as a bank?  Do you know how your profitability matches up to others in your industry? Where are you doing ok, and where should you focus for real improvement?  Are you charging enough?

We work with you to ensure that your financial information is working for you, and providing real clarity on your business performance.  This program:

  • Reviews your financial for relevance and accuracy.
  • Produces graphs of your financial data to establish trends and point out danger zones.
  • Develops a financial action plan, including a “dashboard” to give you visibility on the critical factors affecting your business.

After program completion, you will benefit from a better ability to use your financial information to track your organization’s progress, including maintaining your strengths and improving your weaknesses.

Deliverables To You

We make sue you have a good accurate "baseline" of financial reporting.

We present our findings, including comparing your business to industry standards, with a financial health overview, and recommended action items.

Then, we conduct up to three follow-up meetings with you and your team, to assist with agreed-to action item implementation.

What We Need From You

How Do I Get Started?

Contact Mike O’Connell, director, at or 970-215-2300. Mike will meet with you to explain the program in more detail and make sure there is a mutual fit. If so, Mike will then set up the initial meeting.

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