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Small Manufacturer’s Advantage

Manufacturing / Operational Excellence and Process Improvement


We help make your manufacturing process as good as it can be.

You make a product in Colorado, and you’re proud of that. You would like to spend more time on the shop floor, really getting things dialed-in. But you’re also running a business that has customer, vendor, employee, and financial demands. What’s the right move?

The SMA program puts a manufacturing/process improvement expert with decades of experience in your shop, for an intensive short-term engagement. Using lean manufacturing techniques, he evaluates your production processes for opportunities to reduce costs, improve gross profit, and maximize working capital This consulting talent is provided by Manufacturers Edge, Colorado’s statewide manufacturers assistance organization. This SMA program supports small Colorado manufacturers and is managed jointly by Manufacturers Edge and the Colorado SBDC network.

Deliverables To You

A customized report and set of recommendations for you by our experienced manufacturing consultant, based on his/her findings during either a three or five day intensive on-site engagement at your facility.

What We Need From You

  • $995 payment for a three-day engagement, $1495 for a five-day engagement.
  • You need to be a Colorado company, with manufacturing operations in Colorado, with less than 20 FTE employees.
  • You need to be committed to actively support and implement the recommendations, in order to maximize your results and improve your business.

How Do I Get Started?

Apply online at www.manufacturersadvantEDGE.com. A team member from SMA will contact you to set up an initial meeting to confirm your eligibility and discuss your participation.