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Develop a Business Plan with Purpose and Durability – 2-part session

A quick look around will show you that there are 1,001 ways to write a business plan, but how do we write the right plan? And how do we write a business plan that won’t just gather dust on the shelf? Whether you’re writing a plan for investors, banks, or your internal team, this course will help get you on the right track. This 2-session business-planning workshop will prepare you to create a written plan ranging from a planned startup or existing business enterprise, and give you a reason to re-engage with your plan as conditions and seasons change.

In this comprehensive 2-session course, we will focus on:

Session 1
   •   Value Proposition, Mission, Vision, Values, Purpose Exercises
   •   Business Model Canvas – Business Plan on a Page
   •   Know Thyself and Know Thy Needs – Personality Exercises, SWOT Analysis, Capital Needs Discussion

Session 2
   •   Financing Plan & Projections – Market Research & Assumptions
   •   Marketing & Operational Plan – Role Definitions / Process    Development
   •   Business Plan In Action – Activation, Check-in’s & Accountability

Curt Bear

Founder, LoCo Think Tank - Value-Driven Peer Advisory

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