Friday, July 24, 2015 

12:00 – 1:30 pm

One of the greatest business assets in your online marketing arsenal is hands down your “list”.  Of course the center of the list is the way you collect the data along with the email addresses that are on it. How you get permission, manage it and get your target audience to remain on your list for the long haul. 

In this workshop we will show you how to create opt-ins for your website that lead straight to your Welcome Letter that goes out automatically. The tools you will learn will allow you to consistently engage with your targeted audience of customers and potential customers.  From there we will also talk about the top 15 ways to add people to your list with their permission including social media.

We want to open your mind in how to use email marketing beyond just sending out emails – to ensure engagement with your audience that grows and grows.

Cheri Ruskus
, Master Certified Coach and Expert. Cheri has been successfully and consistently sending out her email, The Victory Letter, for 13 years every Monday morning.

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