Consultant Contact Information

Consultant Contact Information

Debbi Allison970-218-5563obc@openbookpros.com 
Kay & Accounting
Curt Bear970-218-3186Curt@locothinktank.com, Business Planning
Mike Bennett970-481-8857mike.bennett@gopositive.biz, Business Consultant
Fred Financials, Business Development
Bob Financial Management
Tracey Devlin970-226-8600design@brandesigns.com Specialist
Terri Donovan-Keirns970-566-3117terri@larimersbdc.org 
Kim Fisher650-759-2940kim@visioncatalyst.org
Mike Forney  
Tom  Galey303-246-1441galeyoffice@comcast.net 
Mike Gugliotto425-890-3008mgugliotto@gmail.com Consultant
Andra Hargrave Government Certifications, Veteran
Kat Hart970-667-4106kat@lovelandbusiness.com Director
Tiffany Helton  Restaurant Consultant
Jim Kelly and Sales
Brandon, Digital Marketing
Lisa Leveillee 
Peggy Lyle
Libby Lyons  Health and Wellness
Craig McBreen970-295-4857craig@mcbreenmarketing.com Specialist
Jim McWilliams970-223-3454goodyr@prodigy.netNAFranchises, Buying / Selling
Andrew Meade408-592-2899andywmeade@gmail.com
Betina Meyer Pflug970-567-8483betina@wity.tech
Greg Moore970-999-2796avawingmktg@gmail.com Specialist
Tami  Human Resources
Samantha Navigator
Kathryn Plummer970-667-7071 
Lee, Media & Publishing
Jade Shebelski jade@mavenandmusemedia.com Media Specialist
Jennifer Spencer970-402-6683jenny1032@gmail.com Consultant
Lauren Storeby970-449-2763lauren@snackattackit.com & Apparel Industry
Franklin Taggart970-685-2741franklin@franklintaggart.com
Matthew West mjwest@poudrelibraries.org Research

Workshop Survey 4-2022

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this short survey. This information will be used to provide workshops, webinars and on demand classes that will help small businesses throughout Larimer County.

Small Business Week 2022 | Cheers for Peers

Cheers for Peers

Small Business Week 2022

In honor of Small Business Week, we recognized many businesses throughout Larimer County as part of our Cheers for Peers Appreciation campaign!

During this campaign we asked for nominations of favorite businesses in Larimer County and we received an outpouring votes. Below is a listing of those who were chosen. 

Timnath Beerwerks

Julianne Curtis – Birth and Bereavement Doula Services

Elements of Touch Wellness Spa & River Retreat

Neuhaus Real Estate Inc Office

Salted Grace

Nuance Chocolate

Pig & Plow Pub & Grub

Inkwell & Brew

Berthoud Brewing Company

Sparge Brewing

Congratulations to each of them and to all the small business nominated!!! 🎉