Confidentiality Statement

Confidentiality Statement

I hereby agree to keep confidential any and all matters related to clients and understand that unauthorized disclosure of the identity of clients or information received by the Colorado SBDC about clients to any non-SBDC personnel or unauthorized SBA personnel is in violation of employee professional ethics. I understand the conditions outlined in Section IV, (A), (1), (e) – Confidentiality (see below). I will not release client information to the press or use information that can be traced to a specific SBDC client in any marketing materials, unless the client has signed a Release of Information Statement. I understand that penalties for violation of any of these polices may include, but not be limited to, reprimand, suspension of employment and/or termination of employment.
Confidentiality: All information provided by a client in the course of counseling is strictly confidential.
i. Confidentiality Agreement Only staff who have completed and signed a Conflict of Interest Agreement may have access to client information. Client information may be given only to staff who have completed and signed this form. This includes staff at the Lead Center and the Small Business Administration.
ii. Mailing Lists This means that any mailings to SBDC clients in partnership with outside organizations must be done by the center. It is strictly forbidden to do mailings for the purpose of marketing or promoting private enterprises or to give out or sell mailing lists of SBDC clients.
iii. Court Orders When a center or its staff is approached, on a legal basis, to provide to information about a client and/or a counseling relationship, centers should refuse to divulge such information citing the confidentiality agreement with the client. If the client provides written permission to release such information, the center/staff may do so. However, if written permission is not provided, the center/staff should continue to refuse to provide such information until an order is received from the court. At that time, the center/staff must notify the State Director in writing and follow the court order to provide the requested information. The center/staff should respectfully note for the official court record that providing the information is a violation of the confidentiality agreement as the client has not provided written permission for disclosure of the information and that the information is only being provided to comply with the order of the court.
Part I – Conflict of Interest
Instructions:  By typing your name below you are agreeing that: I have read the above Conflict of Interest Policy. I understand and agree to abide by this policy during my course of employment or association with the Colorado SBDC and for one year following my term of employment/contract.
For security verification, please enter any random two digit number. For example: 73

Entrenamiento para negocios de cuidado de niños basados en casa

Entrenamiento para negocios de cuidado de niños basados en casa


19 de octubre de 2022


Miércoles 6:00pm-8:00pm




6 Semanas



Resumen del curso:

En este taller usted aprenderá a manejar su centro de cuidado diario como un negocio. También aprenderá a manejar sus finanzas, el mercadeo y las operaciones de su negocio.

Deberá asistir a las 6 clases para recibir horas de crédito profesional.

Objetivos del Taller:

  • Establecer su modelo de Negocio
  • Aprenderá a maximizar sus ingresos y minimizar sus gastos
  • Entenderá los costos de operar un centro de cuidado diario
  • Entenderá como utilizar los medios sociales para promocionar su negocio

LEADING EDGE™ For Entrepreneurs


January 17, 2023


Tuesdays, 11:00AM - 1:00PM




8 Weeks Cohort Series



Who Is It For?

LEADING EDGE is for business owners and entrepreneurs positioning for growth stage, that desire focused education and planning, accountability, networking, and the tools to build a strategic business plan to take their company to the next level. Must be in business for at least 1 year but no more than 5 and must have at minimum, 1 employee.

What To Expect

  • Eight 2-hour sessions, including interactive group work, guest speakers, and roundtables with subject matter experts
  • A minimum of 3 hours of one-on-one consulting with certified SBDC consultants
  • Direct connections with local and statewide lenders, key business leaders, and industry experts
  • Continuous feedback on your business plan and strategy during the course
  • Free subscription to LivePlan that continues 3 months after the program
  • Free registration to workshops at the Larimer SBDC while enrolled
  • Graduate with a completed business plan, multiple mentors, and a key network of resources, champions and friends!


The LEADING EDGE™ Entrepreneurship Series is a hands-on, step-by-step strategic business planning program for early-stage businesses across any industry. Through this 8-weeks Cohort Series—with expert help all along the way—you can test the feasibility of positioning your company for growth, solidify your business model and build a road map in LivePlan. You can finish the series with an actionable, strategic business plan to access potential financing or to use as a blueprint to manage your business. LivePlan subscriptions are included with the program and available for three months afterward.

The LEADING EDGE Entrepreneurship Series makes you an active participant in a program designed for (and with) entrepreneurs just like you. Facilitators and guest presenters are knowledgeable entrepreneurs and specialists who are attuned to the issues you will face every day. Thoughtful, insightful—and above, all practical—the series covers all aspects of successful business planning for growth.

Graduation Requirements

  • No more than two unexcused absences from the training series
  • Completing at least 3 hours of one-on-one consulting throughout the course
  • Turning in a completed business plan by the end of the course

EARLY CHILDHOOD: Home Provider Business Training Program

EARLY CHILDHOOD: Center and Home Provider Business Training Program


February 2, 2023


Thursdays 6:00-8:00pm







Course Overview:

Are you interested in starting a family childcare home? Or, have you already started but want more guidance on how to run your home childcare program?

This course is a six-week program designed to help new or existing  child care providers in the state of Colorado to improve their business practices to both better serve their customers and promote their business sustainability with increased revenues. No prior business training is required, all are welcome! The class will meet online via Zoom, and participants are also invited to meet online one-on-one with an SBDC business consultant during and after the course for specific and continued training and support. Attendance at each session is required to receive PDIS credit. If an emergency arises, please contact your instructor for alternative options.

Training and consultation are available at no cost through partnership between the Colorado Department of Early Childhood and the Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT), and funding from the Colorado Shines Brighter – Preschool Development Grant. 

Child care providers can earn professional development hours through the Professional Development Information System (PDIS) by attending all training sessions

Who is it for?

Home providers already in business, or thinking of starting a business, in Larimer County.

Who are the project partners?

Partners in the training are Early Childhood Council Larimer County (ECCLC), Larimer SBDC, and SBDC consultants.


Thursdays, February 2nd – March 9th from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm for six sessions.




Upon completion of the class, providers will have the opportunity to produce one tangible “takeaway” – a website home page, social media posts, budget/financial plan, email marketing campaign – they will make the decision as to what will most benefit their business NOW.


We will ask providers to commit to a minimum of three hours of 1:1 consulting with an SBDC consultant, to be completed within three months of completion of the program.

One session with a SBDC consultant is required during the 6 weeks of classes.


As part of the SBDC process, participants will register as clients of the SBDC. We will collect business information (start date, structure, revenues, FTE, etc.). This will give us the baseline information required for our SBA grant. However, there may be other information we would want to gather so that we can measure outcomes.

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