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New Colorado HR Compliance Laws for 2021

New Colorado HR Compliance Laws for 2021

    Written by simplyHR 

There will be a lot of ‘new’ happening when the ball drops at the stroke of midnight, ringing in 2021. New year. New administration. New regulations. New to-do lists. New resolutions. Some of these ‘news’ we know for sure, and some are still in the works. What isn’t new, is simplyHR wanting to make sure you are always in-the-know of the ‘new’! Here is the ‘new’ we know right now.

3 Ways You Can Help YOUR Small Business

3 Ways You Help YOUR Small Business

  1. Sign up for FREE support and consulting at the Larimer SBDC. Financials, Marketing, E-Commerce and more. Times are tough, let us help you with your resiliency.
  2. Sign up for our Workshops! Our workshops cover multiple areas from QuickBooks, Making Your Business Official, Marketing, Social Media and so much more!
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[Webinar] Creating Connection in a Remote World: 4 Steps for building trust virtually

[Webinar] Creating Connection in a Remote World: 4 Steps for building trust virtually

Are you feeling frustrated or disappointed with conducting business online that you once did in-person? Do you find it hard to build relationships with new team members or clients virtually?

You are not alone. It’s true, working virtually is not the same as working in-person but what if it could be better. In this engaging program,

Ariana will show participants how to use four simple steps for building trust virtually to engage clients, team members or key partners in more productive and effective conversations.

Ariana Friedlander

Rosabella Consulting, LLC
Ariana Friedlander, MPA is a community organizer, a social entrepreneur and the Founder of Rosabella Consulting, LLC.  She's passionate about working with entrepreneurs and innovative organizations to help them succeed by creating cultures of learning.  In 2013 she won the fourth annual Quid Novi Innovative Thought award.  Ariana is a TEDx speaker, master facilitator, and creator of EntrepreNerds.  

[Webinar] Make it Official

Make It Official

Are you thinking about forming an LLC? Planning to create a corporation? Not sure how to register your business with the Secretary of State or Internal Revenue Service? Wondering what an EIN is and what it means to your business?

Join us for this two-hour workshop facilitated by a business attorney and an accountant as they examine the pros and cons of entity types, explain how to register your business including with the necessary forms and processes, and discuss other tips on how to avoid pitfalls before you start your new venture.

[Webinar] Are You Charging Enough?

[Webinar] Are you Charging Enough?

Prices of products and services are 100 percent under the business owners’ control, and yet most businesses do not charge enough, contributing to cash-flow pinch and lost financial opportunity. This workshop will help you:

  • Understand how to strategically think about your pricing;
  • Think about the prerequisites that need to be in place to boost the impact of your pricing;
  • Learn about the red flags indicating probable pricing issues;
  • Get valuable insights into setting market-sensitive prices that maximize your bottom line!

This class will be informative for the entrepreneur considering starting business, or an owner of an existing business.

Mike O'Connell

Larimer SBDC Senior Director
Mike earned a business degree from Pursue University, and worked in a variety of executive sales, marketing, and business-unit management positions. He purchased Mountain Woods Furniture (MWF), a leading national manufacturer of rustic hand-crafted furniture, and operated that business until its’ sale in December 2011. MWF’s products were sold through Cabelas, national furniture e-tailers, furniture stores, and to resorts and lodges. He provided over 6,000 paychecks to American manufacturing workers during his ownership of MWF.