Mugs & Mornings with the SBDC

Mugs & Mornings

with the SBDC

Whether you are a new start up or an up and running business networking is essential in building business relationships. For some, networking does not come natural, it may take some practice. For others it just comes naturally. Which ever category you fall under remember that networking is an essential part of expanding your business.

Networking can be but is not limited to:

    • Generating referrals which increase business
    • Help you master your business pitch
    • Widen your circle of influence
    • Help you build confidence and character
    • Provide opportunities and make connections
    • Create lasting friendships

Please bring your business cards and join us at Front Range Community – Longs Peak Student Center Conference Room located at 4616 South Shields Street Longs Peak Student Center Conference Room Fort Collins, CO 80526 for before hours networking, complete with coffee and pastries!

The event is free, but we do ask that your pre-register.

[Webinar] Get Your Local Business on Google Search and Maps

[Webinar] Get Your Local Business on Google Search and Maps

Learn about the Google Business Profile, a free tool for local businesses who want to connect with customers on Google Search and Maps.

In this session you’ll learn how to:

     • Create or claim your Business Profile on Google

     • Manage your business info across Google Search and Maps

     • Use Google My Business to connect with potential customers

     • Create a free website using the info from your Business Profile

Led by Pamela Starr, a professional trainer for Grow with Google, this is a presentation all small business owners should attend.   

Pamela Starr

Professional Trainer, Grow with Google

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SBAH – Show me the Money!

Small Business After Hours - Show me the Money!

Are you seeking funding for your small business but are unsure of where to begin? With all the options available for small businesses today, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed! The Larimer SBDC is bringing together several types of funding sources for you to ask questions and get answers.

In this unique event, we will have representatives from Micro Lenders, Commercial Bankers, private capital angel investment and VC capital to give a short introduction of their funding source. After this short introduction, there will be a speed-dating style format so you can determine the right source for you. Come prepared with your questions and get answers directly from the funding experts!

Robert Anderson

Colorado Enterprise Fund

Dan DeGerlia

Independent Financial

Gary McDonald


Denny Otsuga

Mike O'Donnell

Prairie Rose Development Corp

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Essential Steps to Starting Your Business

Essential Steps to Starting Your Business

Taking the first step to starting your business can be difficult! There are many questions that must be answered as a business owner when opening a new business and you want to be sure you are following ALL rules and regulations. This workshop will be a realistic starting  point for all budding entrepreneurs. The two-hour workshop will be PACKED and FAST PACED. We will investigate many questions and cover best practices for topics, such as:

What are the organizational and licensing requirements?
What resources should I explore?
Who should I market to and who is my competition?
Do I have the right amount of capital to start this business?

At the end, you will have a good feel for the level of effort and commitment it will take to make your business successful. If you’re serious about starting a business, you don’t want to miss this workshop!

Jim Kelly

Larimer SBDC Consultant

Employee Ownership Programs – Part B

Employee Ownership Programs – 2-part session Part B

Many companies have enjoyed immense benefits from creating opportunities for employees to own equity in the business.

These include:
1.  Ability to recruit and retain the best employees
2.  Creates common goals and high motivation across the company
3.  More innovativeness, better customer service, enhanced employee engagement and accountability
4.  In all, greatly improved competitiveness.
5.  Greater wealth creation
6.  Smoother transition to a founder’s retirement

This second segment of the workshop is a four-hour class intended for founders and current owners of companies who have attended Part A -; Introduction and Overview and are ready to introduce some form of employee ownership. We will walk through a step-by-step approach to making critical choices, preparing the necessary documentation, and then implementing and operating a successful employee ownership program at your company.

This will allow participants to begin this process right away with a clear understanding of their options and the path to move forward.

In Part B you will learn:

  • The several critical decisions which founders and current company owners need to make before implementing their program.
  • How to effectively document the rules which will govern the employee ownership program so that it will achieve the founder’s and current company owner’s objectives.
  • The practical logistics of setting up and operating your employee ownership program. The “How To”.
  • Ways to avoid common mistakes and misunderstandings.
  • Ways owners can set up the employee ownership program so that it will support their exit strategy from the company.

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