Business Quick Start – Fort Collins – February

Business Quick Start

Join us in person the 1st Monday* of every month to jump start your business idea and make it a reality!
*moved to 2nd Monday on holiday weekends

What You Will Learn
   •   All the steps to becoming an official business – registering with the state,         legal entity understanding, local registrations, license requirements
   •   The Business Model Canvas – a one page business plan outline to think             through all the elements of running a business
   •   Marketing Plan considerations
   •   Budget fundamentals
   •   How the SBDC can support your on your journey

This workshop is full of information, hands-on activities to get those ideas out of your head and into a tangible format, and a stepping stone to further resources. Optional follow up activities include meeting with a SBDC consultant, signing up for a class, accessing On Demand videos, or finding a meetup group with other small business founders, owners and entrepreneurs.

Workshop Agenda

9:00 – 10:00 – Walk through the official steps to become a legitimate business
10:00 -11:00 – Introduction to the Business Model Canvas
11:00 – 12:00 – Introduction to creating a marketing plan & budget

Beverages and light refreshments provided.

Prerequisites: Make It Official On Demand video (fee waived with registration for this workshop)

You will walk away with:
   •   A one page business plan outline
   •   A marketing plan checklist
   •   A budget checklist
   •   SBDC network of resources and services
   •   New small business acquaintances and friends!

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[Webinar] Plan de Mercadeo (Transmisión, luego preguntas y respuestas)

[Webinar] Plan de Mercadeo (Transmisión, luego preguntas y respuestas)

Muchas pequeñas empresas luchan por crear e implementar un plan de mercadeo claro que les ayude a prosperar. Sin un plan bien definido, puede ser difícil saber por dónde empezar cuando se trata de comercializar su negocio, producto o servicio.

Puede terminar perdiendo tiempo y dinero en estrategias que no funcionan, o que nunca llegan a despegar.

En la clase del Plan de Mercadeo usted podrá adquirir el conocimiento que le ayudará a crear un plan de mercadeo sólido para su negocio.

Aprenderá a segmentar su mercado, establecer metas alcanzables, elegir las estrategias correctas y asignar un presupuesto realista.

Diego Leyes

Larimer SBDC Bilingual / Digital Marketing Consultant

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[Webinar] Lunch & Learn – How to Deliver Great Employee Communications

[Webinar] Lunch & Learn How to Deliver Great Employee Communications

Clear, consistent communication is the key to informing and motivating employees. Want to be great at it? It takes a bit of work, starting with a good strategy and then the right skills and tools to deliver it. This workshop focuses on how to be a great communicator and inspire employees to give their best. You’ll learn: 

  • A simple strategy for keeping employees well informed.

  • Practical, budget-friendly communication methods. 

  • Tips and tools from a subject matter expert in communication.

Mike Kohler

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Lunch & Learn: Retirement Strategies for Business Owners

Lunch & Learn: Retirement Strategies for Business Owners

In this 1 hour Lunch & Learn, Greg Dellinger with Raymond James & Associates will discuss the various plans that are available to business owners now that will set them up for retirement. How much can you contribute? What are the tax benefits? How can you increase employee retention and more!

Greg Dellinger

Senior Vice President-Investments Raymond James & Associates, Inc.

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Price Your Service Right

Price Your Service Right

Competitively pricing your services is a challenge for many service providers, consultants, and freelancers. One of the biggest challenges for many is trading time for money and discomfort with selling yourself as a service provider. As a result, you may underprice your services, offer unnecessary discounts, or work yourself to burnout. In this class we’ll discuss how to stop under-valuing yourself and over-giving to clients and price your service right so both you and your clients are happy and successful! 

We’ll also spend time in class determining the right price point for your services. You’ll leave this class with more confidence in your pricing at a price that’s just right.

Chrysta Bairre

Live Love Work

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